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re: App: shotapop

The application submitted by shotapop is as follows:

Character name, race and class, main raid spec:

Real name, age, and location/time zone:

Armory profile link:

Explain in appropriate detail your experience with the current tier of raid content:
currently 5/7 normal 1/7 herioc... all of that was from pugs but i have researched and watched all the fights.

Briefly discuss your past World of Warcraft raiding experience; what raids did you find most challenging and most enjoyable:
I have never been apart of a guild that has raided.. mostly just pugged stuff for fun but now i am looking for something new. Been playing since the start of wrath

Briefly explain your approach to gearing, geming, and reforging your character (what stats do you prefer and why):
I have always used askmrrobot to do my gemming ench ect. but now that there is not as much stuff going on i just ench my rings,neck and back with the primary stat of my class and spec

Do you have experience and gear for other specs, please elaborate if applicable:
hunter is specifically a dps class soooo yes? lol

Please provide a link to a recent WWS/WMO/WOL parse demonstrating your raid performance:
dont really have one..

Describe your DPS/healing/tanking rotation in a typical raid encounter:
hold still as much as possible for sniper training then use aim shot,murder of crows,chimera, rapid fire aim shot untill chimera is up then repeat

We raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00-10:00 PST, will you be regularly available during these times. (Please note that due to our relatively relaxed schedule raiders are expected to maintain 80% attendance):
tons of free time so yes

What add-ons do you use, please post a picture of your UI:
x-pearl,recount, dbm

Do you have a stable and reliable computer and internet connection; do you have ventrilo, a functioning headset, and a microphone:
yes to all of those

Do you know anyone in the guild who would like to speak on your behalf:

Why are you applying to FYSK, what do you expect of us:
saw someone posting in chat for raiders... thought i would try something new... just trying something new in the game and looking to have fun doing it

What do you think you can contribute to FYSK, don't be obvious:
a good attitude, some strong dps and a person who is willing to go until we reach our goal whatever that may be.

What previous guilds have you been in and why did you leave:
small guilds that didnt do much but run random bgs and dungeons

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself:
pretty laid back person.. i dont get upset easily and am very easy to get along with.. This is the first guild application that i have ever filled out in the 7 years i have been playing so i am not sure if i did it right lol


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re: DECLINED - App: shotapop - by Myie


Hi Brandon - Sorry for the late notice/reply but if you are free tonight at 7 pst and/or Thursday at the same time shoot a whisper to myself (Badz) or really anyone in the guild and ask that the message be passed along to invite you to the raid.  We'd like to get you in raid and see how you do!

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re: DECLINED - App: shotapop - by Myie


Disclaimer: Be sure to use some form of prophylactic when communicating with Badz. 

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